Have you seen Yellow? (Updated: He’s Found!)

01/12/2018 12:03 PM by


Thank you all! The very short story is that we went out to clear his little thicket today and thought we found his body, but alas he wasn’t dead! I’ve gotten him to eat, but he won’t let me touch him or even get too near him but he is talking to me now which is good. We refortified his little place and I’ll see if he keeps eating. He doesn’t move too well — as I mentioned the stroke we think he had two years back — so it’s hard to believe he even left the thicket but how he’s survived I can’t imagine. I’ve not left food for days because he stopped eating it and hence I thought he was gone. Yes, our little Hill does seem to attract a lot of folks who care about a lot of things:) Thanks again for kind words and thoughts.

Alli writes us about her missing outdoor cat from 2700 block of East Broad Street

Posting this just in case someone has news of our Yellow Cat who seems to have left us — one way or another — during this last cold spell. He was feral to begin with but has been here for years. He has seen the vet and had updated shots and we tended to him daily with food and love, but alas coming indoors was not his thing, and impossible with our six other babies. We did our best with snuggly shelter but that may not have been enough. We believe he had a stroke two years ago so it’s surprising if he got very far.

Wondering if he got caught somewhere, or even if someone has seen him…otherwise. We would like to know what’s become of him. Please let me know if you’ve seen him recently.

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