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What to do after the thaw

Our colleagues from the Richmond Department of Public Utilities sent us a reminder about the upcoming (and much waited for) thaw and what you can do to prevent flooding.

With temperatures predicted next week as high as 55 degrees, and rain in the forecast, the snow will be dissolving away and we’ll be looking at our autumn leaves on the ground once again. This is a reminder of the importance of not raking leaves, tree branches and excess trash into the streets where the rain will carry them to the storm drains and create flooding. Take advantage of the warmer (comparatively!) days ahead to bag up those leaves and debris.

Here are some simple steps to keep our storm drains and waterways clean:

· Keep a tight lid on your trash cans and recycling bins, especially during windy days.

· Pick up trash in your community.

· Do not rake leaves into the street or create large piles near the curb

· Limit use of sand and salt on your driveway and walkways. Sweep up residual sand once the snow and ice has melted and before the next rain storm so the sediment doesn’t end up in the stream or storm drains.

· Pick-up after your dog! Stormwater will pick up the waste and wash it into the storm drain (and nearby streams). Pet waste contains harmful bacteria that impact stream wildlife and water quality.


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