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  • Ralph Northam won VA with 53.87%, took Richmond with 81.65%, and carried the 7th District with 89.81%.
  • Northam picked up 6,431 votes in the 7th District, compared to 4,731 for McAuliffe in 2013.
  • Almost 600 of those extra votes came from precinct 707 (Union Hill/Church Hill), another 500 came from precinct 708 (Shockoe/Tobacco Row).
  • There were more Democratic votes cast in 707 (Union Hill/Church Hill) yesterday for Northam (1,660) than for Obama in the 2012 Presidential election in the same precinct (1,594). Hillary Clinton picked up 1,872 in 707 last year.
  • The Lt Gov and AG numbers essentially mirror the gubernatorial results.
  • Proposition A took 87.35% of the vote. Next up this has to get through the General Assembly, which was going to be Del. Manoli Loupassi’s job except it looks like he won’t be around to follow up.
  • Antoinette Irving won the contest for Sheriff, picking up 61.90% city-wide, and 69.29% in the East End. She’s been running for the job since at least 2009.
  • Nicole Armstead won the contest for Treasurer (47.05% Richmond / 45.88% East End). Michelle Mosby won precincts 702 (Fairmount/Brauers), 706 (Fulton), 708 (Shockoe/Tobacco Row).

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7th District Precincts

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