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Two neighborhood men shot and killed in Shockoe early Sunday (UPDATED)

UPDATED 10/9/2017 7:10 AM

From the RTD:

The other man, Deonte M. Bullock, 19, of the 2200 block of Carrington Street, was pronounced dead at the hospital Sunday afternoon.

The are at least the 54th and 55th murders in Richmond in 2017. By our count, there have been 55 murders, 9 killings marked as “Death Investigation”, and 2 people killed by the police. The 55 killings tie the count from 2007, though it looks like the 81 from 2006 is safe.

There have been 15 murders (and 2 killings marked “Death Investigations”) in the East End this year. These are the most killings in the East End since 2006 when there were 25.



A neighborhood man was shot and killed in Shockoe early this morning:

One man who had been shot near the intersection of 17th and Main streets was pronounced dead, and a second man was taken to VCU Medical Center with life-threatening injuries, police said. Police identified the man killed as Oscar W. Lewis II, 25, of the 1700 block of N. 29th St.


Chris 10/08/2017 at 4:40 PM

Time for our mayor to start “jump-roping” again.

donald funk 10/08/2017 at 4:44 PM

Just saying the CHPN murder log is missing a homicide from last week in Midlothian
Village. Also according to RTD, the death on Clarkson Rd last week is being investigated as a homicide.

John M 10/08/2017 at 4:56 PM


Thanks for the heads up. Says a lot that it is all coming in so fast that one got missed.

donald funk 10/08/2017 at 5:12 PM

Yes Sir yes sir. Richmond will miss you once you lay down your crown. An actual reliable source of news, with no promotion of negativity or instigating. @ John.

John M 10/08/2017 at 5:37 PM

Thanks for that. I’ve got some good people that have stepped up to take over, it’ll be nice to be on the other side 🙂

J 10/09/2017 at 10:48 AM

Richmond is starting to look like a early 90’s “killzone” all over again. Within a few months of cracking down on Mosby the killings have gone widespread/city wide. Almost every hot bed crime ridden area of the city is hot with homicides. Only exception is Randolph and Fairfield. Even Hillisde and Afton is starting to heat up. Damn! All new Richmond residents get out while you still can. The mayor does not care. The new push for gun regulation will not get passed. Better to play it safe in the counties

Will Hall 10/09/2017 at 5:23 PM

@J You’re right J. In my opinion, I don’t believe that none of these mayor’s, or city council, ever cared about crime. The only mayor who I believed cared about reducing crime was Wilder. When Tim Kaine was mayor in the late 90’s, this city was dangerous, and it remains an enigma to me how he went so far up the democratic political ladder, because he turned the blind eye to crime in Richmond.I honestly believed that he did.The rest of these mayor’s only pander to the electorate and promise voter’s that they will reduce crime, but it never happens. Dwight Jones/Sherriff Woody didn’t build that new jail on Fairfield way for the beds to stay empty. And it’s a coincidence that the jail sits a few blocks from the cities major RRHA communities. The new jail could of been built somewhere else, but I guess it’s easy access.

Martha McConnell Looney 10/09/2017 at 7:38 PM

This sickens my heart

John M 10/10/2017 at 8:41 AM

Victim’s family says double homicide of two childhood friends in Shockoe Bottom followed petty fight outside club

J 10/11/2017 at 3:22 AM

@John M

Also why can’t RPD seem to keep tract of the number of homicides that have happend within the city limits? Seems like they are doing anything possible to keep the number low. Being that the city is on the verge of over taking the 61 homicides of last year and will still have basically 2 1/2 months remaining. My predicition is the city ends the year around 84 to 90 homicides at the current rate of the past 2 months. This would mean overall they city’s body count has increased on average about 30 murders the past two years. If that trend continues into 2018 the city would be back at late 80’s levels of 110-120 per year

John M 10/12/2017 at 7:47 AM

Dominique D. Brockenbrough wanted in connection to Shockoe Bottom double homicide

Church Hill People's News 11/28/2017 at 4:06 PM Reply

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