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Another good year for Fairfield Court ES on annual SOL testing

The 2016-2017 Standards of Learning (SOL) test results are out (PDF), with few surprises at the neighborhood schools. Fairfield Court ES had another stellar year, with Chimborazo ES and Bellevue ES holding steady. Franklin Military Academy continues to do well, though with precipitous drops in Geometry and 7th Grad Math.

Some highs and lows: Franklin Military Academy scored a 100% in World History I and 98% in Civics & Econ. Armstrong HS scored 8% in Grade-8 English Reading, MLK MS scored 8% in Grade-7 Mathematics.

VDOE will announce 2017-2018 state accreditation ratings in mid-September.


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Will Hall 08/26/2017 at 1:47 PM

They actually have good teachers at Fairfield,contrary to MLK middle. My daughters went to Fairfield a few years ago and they stayed on honor roll. When they got to MLK middle, everything changed. I don’t know what’s wrong with that school, and why they have so much turnover with the principals, but I would love to be principal of that school. I know what to do to get those kids straight lol.

Rick Tatnall 08/26/2017 at 7:42 PM

Hey Will, you can’t be the new Principal of MLK Middle because they hired Inett Dabney instead. As someone who has enjoyed your perspective shared on CHPN, I hope you will reach out to Principal Dabney and offer your insight and support.

Will Hall 08/27/2017 at 12:16 AM

@ Rick Hay Rick. To a degree, my comment was a joke,but deep down, I would love the challenge.As I stated, I have two daughters that go there, and I hear all of the stories about how the kids bully the teachers, how the kids walk the hallways during class,the fights, and how some of the teachers quit and don’t want to show up for work. I have been hearing that for years. I also have a third daughter who went there 4 years ago but she’s in high school personally, I deal with some of these bad kids from Mosby all of the time, especially my daughter’s friends when they come to my house,and all that I have to do is look them in the eyes, give them a Stern look, and after that, they know that I mean business. I wasn’t bullied, or threatened, and I’ve dealt with some of the worse kids who go to those schools. When I tell them the rules to my house, they say ok, and give me an afraid, deer in headlights my opinion, you can’t hire 25 year old teachers from the suberbs,fresh out of college, to try to tame those need someone thats from a similar background,and those kids can tell when you can’t relate to them,or if you’re from a different background. Those kids are bad, yes,but not stupid, and are very perceptive.That’s why they give the administration there a hard I stated, I was making a comment,and I really don’t have a desire to be principal there,even though alot the kids who go there who know me said that I should, or that I should try to become a teacher,which I doubt that I would ever do. I may even reach out to dabney, but dealing with the kids there isn’t as hard as everyone thinks.


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