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Council to consider SUP for Jefferson Avenue, rezoning for Venable Street

The agenda for the September 11 City Council meeting has 2 items of local interest:

ORD. 2017-154 To authorize the special use of the properties known as 2411 M Street and 2416 Jefferson Avenue for the purpose of allowing a building to exceed the applicable height restrictions, upon certain terms and conditions.

ORD. 2017-152 To rezone a portion of the property known as 1900 Venable Street from the R-53 Multifamily Residential District to the B-5 Central Business District.

The first relates to the proposed mixed-use commercial and residential building on the triangle between Jefferson Avenue, M Street, and 24th Street (AKA 2411 M Street).

The second would allow more dense, mixed-use development along the currently empty stretch of Venable Street between 18th and Mosby (see below).


Area of proposed rezoning

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