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Leaving the keys in your car for even just a few minutes can get your car stolen

From Valerie:

At 10:20 am today, in broad daylight, a blue gray 2004 Town & Country van was stolen from the corner of Clay and 25th Sts. It is owned by Mr. James Clark, the man who is painting our house. Unfortunately, he
left the key in the center console for just a few minutes while he was unloading equipment.

Increasingly, unlocked cars in the neighborhood have been rifled; but I haven’t heard of any daytime incidents.

A report has been filed. Please call the police line at 646-3602 with any info.

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Havis L. Wright 08/19/2017 at 2:42 PM

From what i’ve heard at 7th district meetings and other interaction with Lt.’s McCroy and Austin, virtually all thefts of and from motor vehicles in 111 and 113 are either unlocked or running.


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