A tree is pruned at Libby Hill Park

06/21/2017 6:56 AM by

From Coqui (Marion) Macdonald and Friends of Libby Hill Park

The local award winning tree care company True Timber has given the neighborhood a skilled and generous gift.

On a beautiful fresh summer Friday morning June 2, our number came up for the long talked about pruning of the Champion Elm near the View That Named Richmond.

A team of True Timber climbers and Arborist gave us a wonderful gift. Their skill and love of trees was a joy to watch. Someone commented that watching their skilled, artistry was like watching children playing – the giant ancient tree was like a jungle gym for the young men exercising their artistry, knowledge of tree biology and athleticism.

Our neighborhood owes a great debt of gratitude to these skilled tree care craftsman from True Timber and this Licklider team – Bryn Beck and Jesse Duling – Climbers ; Logan Hendricks – Groundsman; and Jim Licklider – Arborist/ Manager/Church Hill area. A particular thank you goes to Peter Girardi who was instrumental in making this event happen.

Church Hill Loves their trees. Needs their trees. We are a dense urban environment subject to the heat island effect, high tree mortality and air quality issues.

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