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McQuinn retains her seat 70th District seat

Delores McQuinn retains her seat House of Delegates 70th District seat, having clearly turned back an earnest challenger in Alex Mejias, showing wide support by taking 80.6% of the vote.

The House of Delegates 70th District covers the east end of Richmond, and a portion of Henrico County and Chesterfield County. Two of the seven precincts in the 7th District are in the House 70th District (703 – Church Hill North/Oakwood and 705 – Chimborazo), which McQuinn the first with 56% of the vote and Mejias the other with 57% – with Mejias taking a slight vote total lead in the 2 city precincts.

McQuinn has held this seat since 2009, and has been a political representative of the East End in one form or another for 25 years. She elected to the Richmond School Board in 1992, and to City Council in a special election in 1999. When Delegate Dwight Clinton Jones was elected Mayor of Richmond in 2008, McQuinn won the Democratic nomination for his 70th district House seat and ran unopposed in the general election on January 6, 2009. McQuinn has run unopposed since the fall 2009 election, when Henry Otis Brown garnered 21.7% of the vote. McQuinn’s last closely contested election for a held seat was in 2006, when Reggie Malone came within 600 votes in a challenge for her City Council seat.

As sitting House of Delegates member, McQuinn ran for the Democratic nod in the Senate District 16 Special Primary but lost to Rosalyn Dance by just over 8%, in a race where former RVA mayor Rudy McCollum pulled 15%.



7th District Precincts


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