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Castleman working to let the creativity flourish at Oakwood Arts + P35

Samantha Willis at Richmond Magazine has a great look into Shannon Castleman’s Oakwood Arts + P35 project, the art education center and gallery in the works for Oakwood:

For now, it’s still the church it has been since 1906, when it was called Thomas Branch Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church. Jesus and winged angels still keep watch from a colorful mural behind the pulpit, though no one has worshiped there in years. As part of Castleman’s vision, the church will be transformed into an exhibition space — where a group of emerging local artists will choose what to show, on a rotating basis. The building, dubbed P35 Gallery, will host art-related events — film screenings, theater productions, lectures, spoken-word performances.

Want to help? Castleman has a fundraiser going to help get the project moving →

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