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CAR to consider 4 new houses, rehab on Carrington Street

The agenda for the May 23 meeting of the Commission of Architectural Review has a slew of local projects:

  • 214 North 26th Street – Replace existing rear deck with a new deck.
  • 3416 East Marshall – Install wood handrail.
  • 9 North 29th Street – Replace concrete walkway and steps with brick.
  • 501 North 25th Street – Install fiber cement sidings on all sides of the existing structure.
  • 2602 East Franklin Street – Construct a new shed.
  • 717 North 24th Street – Rehabilitate attached single family home and construct a new rear addition.
  • 821 North 24th Street – Construct a new duplex.
  • 2310 Venable Street – Construct a new duplex.
  • 966-968 Pink Street – Construct a new duplex.
  • 2805 East Clay Street – Install Fiber Cement siding and replace windows on the facade.
  • 616 North 25th Street – Rehabilitate front and rear porchs of a residential structure and construct a new rear deck.
  • 412 North 26th Street – Replace siding and windows, repair porch, construct new garage, and construct a side addition.
  • 713 North 24th Street – Construct a new attached single family home.
  • 2313 Carrington Street – Rehabilitate two single family homes and construct a rear addition.


2313 Carrington Street


713 North 24th Street


821 North 24th Street


966-968 Pink Street


2310 Venable Street


Matt Conrad 05/12/2017 at 1:44 PM

It’s been a long time coming for 713 N. 24th Street. I am glad to see that one at this stage!

The U.....nion Hill 05/12/2017 at 2:18 PM

821 24th, 2310 Venable and 966 Pink are all bland duplexes being put up by the same developer.

Lee 05/12/2017 at 7:27 PM

821 N 24th street would look better if they had fewer cornice panels and corbels and the panels and corbels were aligned so as to frame or cap the windows and be more rectangular rather than forming so many repeating squares. Also, fewer brackets/corbels = more money spend on better looking corbels.


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