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Public meeting TONIGHT on Draft Education Compact

There is a public meeting TONIGHT, Wednesday, April 26 at 6:00 PM to discuss the Draft Education Compact.

The purpose of the Education Compact is to establish a shared strategy between the City of Richmond and Richmond Public Schools. This meeting on one in a series across the city and will be hosted Dr. Cynthia Newbille, Richmond City Council Vice President and 7th District Representative and Nadine Marsh-Carter, 7th District School Board Representative.


From the Washington Post:

Stoney released in February a draft proposal for an “Education Compact.” This proposal would establish a framework and infrastructure aimed at accomplishing three goals: better coordination between city government and the schools, setting and achieving goals for educational achievement and poverty reduction and a funding strategy for the city’s schools.

Garet Prior at Richmond Forward has an absolutely essential breakdown of what the compact means, including a rough timeline of how, as he puts it, “the next 24 months determines our next 20 years.” Prior is a fan of the compact, but he also raises some important questions about transparency and staffing. For example, would the compact provide opportunity for real input from community stakeholders often left out of citywide initiatives such as these, especially parents in poor sections of the city?


mary 04/26/2017 at 1:18 PM

Glad you had previously posted time and location in your calendar John…and glad we’ve got CHPN to notify us of what our council and/or school board rep are doing. For readers who don’t take the time to check the calendar, might want to put the location in this post as well.

John M 04/26/2017 at 3:53 PM

Oops! It’s at the EDI building, at 25th and M Streets.

mary 04/26/2017 at 5:20 PM

Am planning to go to the meet tonight just to find out if the mayor’s plan includes snatching the kids right out of the hospital…0 to 3 really? So, in case I don’t get there can someone find out how the education compact will work for, say, a day old baby?

Some people suggest that parents should be MORE involved in raising their kids but this draft seems to point to letting the government take over right from the beginning.

People nationwide have been screaming about Russia, Russia and maybe with just cause as that’s pretty much what Russia did, back in the day.

mary 04/27/2017 at 5:51 AM

The plan of the compact is not to take kids like Russia did but hang on to your wallets.

The meeting had little to do with education (defined as the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction) but instead with reducing poverty and stress among the affected population so that, presumably, education can happen.

Fewer than 6 people at the ‘Public meeting TONIGHT on Draft Education Compact’ identified as parents. Other attendees claimed to be part of the ‘education’ system or were ‘activists’ or were with the media.

The ‘compact’ aims to cover not exactly cradle to grave but age 0 (apparently starting with day 1 isn’t enough) through ‘work and career’ by a ‘collaborative effort’ of non-RPS city and private services to share in the ‘…mission of improving the academic outcomes of our students and the well-being of our families…’ by providing ‘transportation, health, mental health, housing, financial (sic).’

Lots of undefined or unexplained phrases like ‘bold transformative goals’ and ‘navigate out of poverty’ were used; and we were told that it is only moral that Richmond’s kids become equal to kids throughout the U.S.


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