How to fight blatant drug sales in the park?

03/28/2017 7:53 AM by

a guest post by Will Hall

I live on Conrad Street, directly across the street from Conrad Park in the East view community of the East End. This past Saturday, an arrest was made on the corner of Wood/Conrad street, and I sat on my porch and watched the entire incident.

I’ve been in Eastview for six years, and my neighbors and I have noticed a lot of drug transactions/sales that take place in this park.

Those involved in these drug sales don’t care about who see’s them, because most of the time, it’s done while we’re sitting on the porch, and doing yard work. My neighbors and I have called the police, and even took pictures of license plates, but nothing stops them, and it seems as if this park has become a place simply where drug transactions take place.

I know that similar incidents take place in Luck’s Field on T street. Has any one seen this in other parks in the East End? What action do you recommend?

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