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City Council to consider Eastview study, community garden sites

There are a few local items the agenda for the Monday, March 27, 2017 meeting of City Council:

  • ORD. 2017-068To authorize the Chief Administrative Officer, for and on behalf of the City of Richmond, to execute a Grant Contract between the City of Richmond, Virginia, and the Better Housing Coalition to make a grant of $250,000 to the Better Housing Coalition for the purpose of supporting feasibility analysis and predevelopment activities for the development and redevelopment of the Eastview neighborhood in the city of Richmond.

    From the ordinance:

  • RES. 2017-R016To designate certain parcels of City property or portions thereof as City property that may be made available for annual use as community garden sites for periods not to exceed one year at a time.

    Includes 3000 East Grace Street “Chimborazo Playground Community Garden, 3000 E. Grace Street”, 1201 1?2 North 38th Street, and 5051 Northampton Street “Powhatan Hill Park Community Garden”

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Will Hall 03/26/2017 at 7:17 PM

At first I wasn’t going to comment, but after reading the statement “From the ordinance” I had to respond, simply because I’ve been in Eastview for six years.

The first sentence of the third paragraph isn’t true. I’m on Conrad Street, and everyone on this street are homeowners, beside me, and my neighbor who lives two doors down. I’m a renter, but I’m not low-income. Me and my wife could easily relocated to Union Hill or Chimborazo and rent/own a home.

The street next to me is Wood street, and everyone on that street are homeowners as well, besides two homes – I know this because I know the neighbors, and we all look out for each other. Eastview is a small neighborhood, and everyone knows each other.

I’m a small buisness owner, and I do alot of residential work in this community. A lot of the residents on Conrad st, Wood St, Spotysyvania, Ford Street, Hildreth street, Hospital st, even Whitcomb street have been there for 30 plus years, so the statement regarding original homeowners leaving for low income renters is a half-truth, or a lie intended to mislead people.

I have neighbors who can verify this, the only problem is that most of my neighbors don’t visit this site. There are a few abandoned homes that need renovation, there’s a couple on Whitcomb street, and one Hospital street, and on Ford, and I hope that this neighborhood gets the boost that it needs, but the statement regarding that this area is full of renters is a lie.

The difference is that these homes are only worth 40k to 50k, and by renovating some of the abandon homes would raise the value. The only thing that brings down this neighborhood is the RRHA communites such as Whitcomb.

But from what I see, Whitcomb doesn’t have a lot of shootings/murders, it’s filled with drugs. And most of the people who come to buy the drugs aren’t from Whitcomb, they’re from Union Hill.

I support what city council is doing, but I take offense to the statement about low income renters, when I know for a fact that that isn’t true. You have business owners that are in Eastview, Bailbondsmen, retired teachers, retired GRTC workers, City of Richmond Employees, Construction business owners, Doctors and nurses who work at MCV, and Bon Secors, supervisors at Richmond Int. Airport, etc. Now if the city wants to gentrify the neighborhood, good luck with trying to kick us out!

J 03/27/2017 at 6:20 PM

Because drug dealers from Whitcomb have more control over there neighborhood than Mosby. That’s why it’s less shootings and murders. But it is still one of the top 3 most dangerous rrha communities in the city easy (Gilpin, hillside, Whitcomb)

Will Hall 03/28/2017 at 6:54 AM

@ j Dude you missed the whole point. My comments are in defense of the black people who are being productive in East view, since 98 percent of the residents here are black.The business owners, retired people,Dr.s and nurses bails bondsman, deputy sherifs, etc that I mentioned in the first reply are black homeowners am have been in this community for decades. I’m defending these people because this community is overshawdoEd by what takes place in Whitcomb. I don’t care about who has control over what drugs in Whitcomb, that’s why I said that you missed the point. I own a business, I’m a 36 year old black male,my house is worth 70k, good credit,etc. There are productive black people in East view, that’s my point. I don’t care about who ever is selling drugs and destroying themselves. They make the good black people look bad, like those in East view


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