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Can you help send Erin to Chicago this summer?

One of our neighborhood students has an awesome opportunity this summer, but needs some help making it happen:

Hello, my name is Erin Cary. I recently applied to the University of Chicago’s Summer Immersion program for collegiate writing, and suprise, I got in!

This 3-week program involves analytical writing at the collegiate level and encourages thinking through questions in order to craft rhetorically-effective complex essays that explore what it means for us to awaken into consciousness. I’ll have the opportunity to tackle questions on religion, mythology, politics, philosophy, literature, and the arts. This amazing opportunity, at the third-ranked best university in the nation, will allow me to collaborate with intelligent young minds and get a good feeling of what my dream future would have to hold.

The proceeds from this program would go towards tuition, student living fees, and housing and dining. This rings in at a total cost of $4,385 that includes a $1,390 scholarship. My goal is to raise atleast 60% of these costs, which would be $2,631.

This is my top choice school and the opportunity I have been given is extradordinary. I wish I could afford this program on my own, but unfortunately I cannot. Any proceeds put towards this fund raiser would be incredible and deeply appreciated. I am thankful for every cent put in.

To learn more about this program, I’ve attached a link to the online syllabus (PDF) and a link to the UofChicagos Immersion Program cost outline.

Thank you again to anyone who decides to donate, I will glady keep you updated on the admissions process and how the program goes, if you’re interested.

Sincerely and Gratefully,

Erin Cary
Grade: 11


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3 years ago

Done! Good job Erin! For anyone who doesn’t know her, Erin is a good kid and RPS success story. This is a great opportunity for her!

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