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01/14/2017 9:51 AM by

From Kimberly:

My husband and I have been living over near Oakwood at 34th and Q for a few months now… since living here, I’ve noticed the same dog barking relatively close by for hours on end every…single…night.

It drives me nuts because I’m a very light sleeper and don’t appreciate being kept up by said dog, but it also bothers me from a humane standpoint knowing that this dog is clearly quite unhappy being left outside all night, sometimes in sub-freezing temperatures.

My husband and I come from very different backgrounds, and he explained to me that “some people just keep their dogs outside all the time.” I can appreciate that, but I waffle back in forth between sympathy for the dog and feeling like Elaine from that episode of Seinfeld…

I was just wondering what other people thought of this concept of letting your dog bark all night outside? Is this just something I am going to need to get used to (I’ve lived in the city for years and dealt with all kids of noises) or am I not the only one that takes issue with this? Thoughts from the neighbors?

Also…does anyone who lives in this area know where this blasted dog lives!?

Thanks for the input!




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