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Windshield shattered after apparent vandalism with chunk of ice

From Ali:

We woke up to find our windshield shattered. Car has been parked in front of our house since yesterday afternoon when I cleaned it off, near the intersection of P & Carrington. Looks like someone may have hit it with a block of snow/ice, maybe also a brick in there?! We called the police this morning to report possible vandalization, had to leave a message.

Wondering if anyone else has suffered the same fate overnight…


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Lee 01/09/2017 at 12:07 PM

Is it possible the ice fell from a building or power line or got thrown by a vehicle or snowplow?

Ann From-Virginia
Ann From-Virginia 01/09/2017 at 1:34 PM

Probably just a prank

Ashley Tucker
Ashley Tucker 01/09/2017 at 1:56 PM

Isn’t a prank that causes damage considered vandalism?

ralph on 22nd 01/10/2017 at 8:55 AM


action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property…..

I call it HATE

Chris 01/10/2017 at 4:09 PM

I live on the other side of the block on Q, recently had a friend come over and tell me that there was an egg across my windshield. I guess I was fortunate, but it’s probably some of the local kids.

WarGibFA 01/10/2017 at 4:50 PM

Probably just the result of people not having anything better/more productive to do with their lives.


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