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Sketchy Verizon guys?

12/25/2016 7:19 AM by

Posted on the Fulton Facebook Group a few days ago:

Did anyone else get a super sketchy vibe from the 2 “Verizon” employees going door to door today? Since when do cable company employees go door to door to say, we are having some issues with service and just want to let you know that we are taking care of it…..hmmmm how are you fixing it walking up and down the street? No issues at all with our Verizon service. I was outside when the 2 “employees” came to my house. The one fast talker was on a roll talking about going into my house until I said no way are going you going into my house. Then he seemed in a real hurry to leave my yard

More like casing out houses to rob….yes police were called. I spent hours on phone with Verizon phone transfer to multiple departments to try to find out if they were legit, never got info as to whether or not they were….keep an eye out. Time of the year for this type of stuff.

— ∮∮∮ —

An email on Friday:

27th and M St- Around 7 tonight there was a knock on my door and then 2 doorbell rings. I open the door and there were two guys on my porch dressed in Verizon gear. We exchanged pleasantries, they eyed my dogs, and then I tried to politely cut them off- the usual “I’m not switching, I’m happy with my cable etc.” They didn’t let it go of course and continued pressing, at which point I said something about my husband making the cable decision. One of the gentlemen asked me if they could speak with him (he wasn’t home at the time” and kind of craned his neck to look in my doorway. I told them I was done and didn’t appreciate their taking up my time this evening and politely thanked them and shut the door. While they left one of them scribbled something on a piece of paper.

My question is, does anyone find it strange that they’re out doing this when it’s dark at 7pm on a Friday night, the night before Christmas Eve? It’s been awhile since I’ve encountered a Comcast/ADT/etc. salesman at my door so I may be out of the loop, but something about this struck me as just a bit off.



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