Got love for the Church Hill Street Kitties?

11/29/2016 8:30 AM by

Need good hyperlocal cat photos? Rebekah Bajari has a set up Churchillstreetkitties to document “the backbone of the Richmond, VA mousing community” and her work with these kitties.

Can you help support the work of taking care of these street cats? A GoFundMe page has been set up to cover the feeding/neutering costs →

When I moved to Richmond I was so excited to find such wonderful neighbourhood then I started seeing cats. Cats in the back yard, under the neighbour’s porch, across the street, under the bushes, CATS EVERYWHERE! Why are there so many cats?

Then I found sick kittens and had to help. I learned about Trap- Neuter-Release. I neutered Apricot, her 2 sisters, her mama, her auntie, her papa, and her uncle. I started patroling the alleys and parking lots .

I found 30ish cats hanging around a dumpster….I got about 15 of them before construction scared them off.

When ever a new cat moves in I stalk it….follow it around. Find where it lives. I talk to all the neighbours to see if they know the cat. Have you seen this cat? Which way does it go? When do you see it.

Do you mind if I set a trap near your porch? Friday nights are for tracking, Saturday nights trapping, Sunday and Monday’s are for neutering. Tuesday -Thursday are for rest and recharging. I love it. That’s my story. It’s not glam but it gets the job done.

Please consider helping me. A little goes a long way.→

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