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Halloween in Church Hill!

Halloween is this coming Monday! Where are the good places to take the little ones?

The blocks of 27th Street just north of Broad have been awesome for a good run of years. It sounds like the blocks of Broad to the east/west of there are good, too.

Anything else good to know?

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Halloween in Church Hill

John M


dontmincewords 10/27/2016 at 3:38 PM

CrossFit Prelude (3306 East Marshall St) will hand out healthy snack bags.

jean mcdaniel 10/27/2016 at 5:34 PM

For those of you who have never experienced a Church Hill Halloween, we always buy 500 pieces of candy and always run out. This would be the North side of Grace St. at the Fairy garden.

Chip 10/27/2016 at 8:23 PM

The Annual Candy Gauntlet will be running again on 30th St. at 316-320 N 30th St. from 6:00-8:00.

25th ST Mike 10/27/2016 at 10:14 PM

Third year on the 800 block of 25th…still don’t see the crowds people talk about. But we do love the treaters we get.

Wayne TM 10/27/2016 at 10:49 PM

32nd St/Leigh corner will be handing out candy… Heads up to any newbies DO NOT leave a bowl out with the honor system because that WILL get destroyed by the first little terror that sees it without a parent with common sense. We figured that mistake out in about 30 seconds after the first bowl went out last year and had to hand out what we had left piece by piece till it ran out.

Brian Colegrove 10/31/2016 at 1:43 PM

@ Wayne, we had the opposite experience! Left a big bucket of candy out on the stoop (we had plans in another neighborhood), came home and nothing at all had been taken. Ah well.

Rebecca Bell 10/31/2016 at 1:53 PM

Corner of 30th and Marshal Street!

25th ST Mike 10/31/2016 at 7:38 PM

Well we’ve had about 10…plus our mailman and some adult who stopped and asked for candy. Boo Hoo

Eric S. Huffstutler 11/01/2016 at 1:35 AM

The Rankin’s put on a show in the 300 block of N 27th as does Dutch & Co., each year so it is a very busy section. We had a tupperware tote full of candy, probably 25 pounds, and gave out every piece at our house in the 400 block. Estimate around 300 kids stopped by.


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