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Y’all are awesome! Eighteen classroom projects funded in six days

Last week we announced that CHPN had been contacted by a neighbor who offered to match the next $5,000 donated towards neighborhood DonorsChoose projects.

During the match period, YOU THE COMMUNITY donated $5,810, the first $5,000 was matched, totaling $10,810 put directly towards classroom needs in the East End.

Thanks to your generosity, EIGHTEEN projects were fully funded at Armstrong HS, George Mason ES, Fairfield ES, Bellevue ES, and Chimborazo ES.


It is not too late to help. There are still eight open projects listed below that could use your support.


Current DonorsChoose projects and the amount needed for completion


Bringing Spanish Into the 21st Century (FINALLY!) $1,777 $1,757 STILL OPEN



An Apple a Day Keeps Illiteracy Away $752 $702 STILL OPEN

Students Needing Apps! $1,038 STILL OPEN

Bear Chat Café $380 $230 FULLY FUNDED

Special Needs for Special Needs! $583 STILL OPEN

The Magic Comes Alive In 4th Grade $1,798 STILL OPEN

Supplies For a Successful Classroom $389 $369 $211 FULLY FUNDED

Tablets for Tikes $1,172 STILL OPEN



Scholar Snack Attack 2 $558 $508 $318 STILL OPEN

Osmo, We Need You For Coding $233 $33 FULLY FUNDED

Supplies for Differentiated Instruction $405 FULLY FUNDED

It’s Ozobot Time! $291 FULLY FUNDED

Technology: Lap It Up! $468 FULLY FUNDED

Scholars Snack Attack $976 FULLY FUNDED

No More Chalk Dust! Healthy Classroom, Please! $835 FULLY FUNDED



Bringing STEM to First Graders! $279 FULLY FUNDED

Math Today for Their Tomorrow $698 STILL OPEN

Hearing For All! $258 $208 FULLY FUNDED

School Supplies to Begin the Year Right! $334 FULLY FUNDED

It’s Time to Get Rid of the Chalkboard! $333 FULLY FUNDED

Eclectic Titles for Eager Eagles $1,147 FULLY FUNDED



Classroom Technology $589 $135 FULLY FUNDED

21st Century $1,952 $1,674 $208 $158 FULLY FUNDED

Interactive Classroom $901 $625 $395 FULLY FUNDED



Frog Fun $414 FULLY FUNDED



A Book a Day, Keeps the Brain…From Wandering AWAY $258 $58 FULLY FUNDED

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RSA 10/06/2016 at 3:27 PM

From a parent of a child at Bellevue, THANK YOU! The teachers at Bellevue are awesome and tireless in their efforts. The adorable kids are so eager to learn and experience new things, even if some may come to school with many challenges hanging over their heads. Thank you for believing in them and supporting them! The school also welcomes volunteers to help in the office and in the classrooms, so please consider helping out!

Roberts 10/06/2016 at 10:06 PM

I am a teacher at Woodville and while my project is still open, thank you to everyone who has donated. We can make a change in the lives of these children. The more community involvement, the better.


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