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Give your feedback on the future of riverfront development!

From Coqui (Marion) Macdonald:

The city is asking for citizen input on the newest proposals for developing the riverfront at the cement silos site

So please review the presentation, and forward your comment to:

Kathleen Onufer, with a “CC” to me, by close of business on August 31, 2016, and we will make sure that they get to Hargreaves.

In the meantime, if you have any additional questions/comments, please feel free to contact either Kathleen or Mark Olinger directly.

Feedback deadline is August 31.

If you missed the August 3 Presentation, here is a link to the slides. (PDF)

Based on the March meeting input from citizens, the consultants have created 3 different approaches to developing the ‘Cement Silos’ site:

  1. Active – like boating, volley ball courts, fishing etc (Slideshow pgs 15 & 34)
  2. Nature – more reflective of the natural benefits of the banks of the river – more trees, interpretive signage regarding water shed, storm water run off, rain gardens – a 6th grade SOL, etc, (Slideshow pgs 17 & 41)
  3. History – the fact hat this was the 18th century site of the busiest port on the east coast, the site of the first commercial endeavors at the falls of the colonial setters prior to the state capital being moved to Richmond. (Slideshow pgs 33 & 49)

Because the presentation had distinct limitations of dysfunctional audio equipment, readability and lighting, your feedback is particularly important here.

Thank you for your continued stewardhip of this city treasure,








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