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Planning to consider land acquisition for East Riverfront Transportation Improvement Program, Fulton Memorial Park

The agenda for the Tuesday, July 5 meeting of the Planning Commission (PDF) includes four items of specially local interest.


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ORD. 2016-186 To close, to public use and travel, a portion of an alley bounded by Nine Mile Road, North 31st Street, V Street and North 30th Street, consisting of 542± square feet, upon certain terms and conditions.

From the staff report:

The applicant is requesting this closure at the behest of his client, Khattab Ventures, Inc., the owner of 3001 Nine Mile Road. Two public alleys pass behind this address and intersect directly behind this property. At this intersection point there is a triangular piece of right of way that protrudes into the Khattab property at the point where the property is the shallowest. This situation limits the options the owner has for developing this property. Closing this portion of the right of way would eliminate this impediment to the property owner.

This portion of the alley to be closed is currently not carrying any pedestrian or vehicular traffic as it is not within the existing alley surface. It will not serve any public purpose were it to be improved as part of the alley and is not needed for any other road improvement project.


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ORD. 2016-187 To close, to public use and travel, an alley bounded by T Street, North 27th Street, O Street, and North 26th Street, consisting of 2,040± square feet, upon certain terms and conditions.

From the staff report:

In the previous configuration of the block, there was one lot that fronted T Street with this single alley adjacent to it. This alley is narrow and travels only half way through the block. The final step in the preconstruction phase of this project is to vacate this small alley and then combine the single lot that fronts T Street and the closed alley with the adjacent lots that front 26th Street. Elderhomes has control of some but not all the lots in this group. The owners of the adjacent lots have all given their consent to this.


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ORD. 2016-188 To close, to public travel, portions of public rights-of-way known as Fulton Street and Old Williamsburg Avenue between Goddin Street and Williamsburg Avenue, consisting of 27,176± square feet, upon certain terms and conditions, in connection with the development of Fulton Memorial Park.

The right of way area to be vacated consists of segments of two streets that were in use in the old Fulton neighborhood. These streets terminate at the north line of Williamsburg Avenue, but do not provide connectivity to that street. The streets no longer serve a purpose within the City’s transportation network. Additionally, the City owned parcels on either side of these segments has been slated to become the “Fulton Memorial Park”. The closing of these two segments will allow more flexibility for the design and construction of the park.


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ORD. 2016-190 To declare that a public necessity exists and to authorize the acquisition by gift, purchase, condemnation, or otherwise of certain fee simple interests, temporary construction easements, permanent drainage easements, and permanent utility easements, for the purpose of constructing transportation improvements as part of the East Riverfront Transportation Improvement Program project in the Transportation category of the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Capital Budget.

From the staff report:

For many years, the East Riverfront area has been cited for future development to help unveil the City’s riverfront properties. Most recently, the City and developers have presented plans that will spur the development of the East Riverfront area over the next several years. In FY 16 the East Riverfront Transportation Improvements project was adopted by City Council. The project includes the relocation of Dock Street from Peach Street to Peebles Street; the installation of a roundabout at the intersection of relocated Dock Street and East Main Street; widening and streetscape improvements along East Main Street to allow for parking, pedestrians, bike lanes, and two (2) Bus Rapid Transit stations; signal installation at the intersection of East Main and Nicholson Street; streetscape improvements along Nicholson Street; and the closure of Water Street from Ash Street to Nicholson Street.

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