In which Mike gets hit in the butt by a deer

05/13/2016 7:33 AM by

From Mike:

Today while crossing Jefferson Ave. @ the 23rd Street traffic circle, some crazy shit happened. I was out on foot putting up flyers for our Yard Sale on this Sunday.

As I was crossing Jeff. Ave. on the West side of the traffic circle (towards Union Market), I heard the sound of “hooves” on pavement. I looked up, and barreling flat out down 23rd *directly* towards me was a young doe (deer).

As I turned right, it then stared WIDE EYED at me, and turned to *its* left-right into me. I quickly spun back to my left. Its head still hit me firmly in my posterior (still sore). It then barreled off Southbound up 23rd towards E. Broad St….and points unknown.

The cook hanging out behind Union Market saw it run by, and two neighbors saw my “incident”. […]

This is EASILY the wackiest thing that’s happened to me in all my years “On The Hill”. Do what you will with this tale, as I have (sober/sane) witnesses…

Scott Elmquist from Style managed to get a shot of the elusive deer on Venable Street.




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