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Evergreen Cemetery clean up set for May 7

A clean up at Evergreen Cemetery section of the “Four Cemeteries at Evergreen” on May 7 (starting at 9:00 AM) will be the initial day of a ongoing return to the neglected cemetery, and will mark the first work there in several years.

After years of clearing graves at the Evergreen section, John Shuck’s stopped work there in July 2013 after a disagreement with the property owner and moved to the adjacent East End Cemetery.

There are four contiguous cemeteries in the area east of Oakwood Cemetery known as the “Four Cemeteries at Evergreen”: Evergreen, East End Cemetery, Oakwood Colored Section, and Colored Pauper’s Cemetery. East End Cemetery is or was the final resting place for several notable Richmond area African-Americans such as Rosa Bowser and Virginia Randolph. Evergreen Cemetery dates 1891, and is the final resting place of Maggie L. Walker, John Mitchell, Jr., A.D.Price, and Rev.J.Andrew Bowler.

Work will still continue at East End Cemetery.

For information on the cleanup day at Evergreen Cemetery, contact John Shuck at or (804) 728-9475, or Marvin L. Harris at or (804) 240-1418.

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