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Join the Castle on the Hill! Registration info for Pre-K and Kindergarten at Bellevue Elementary

PHOTO: Dorothy McAuliffe, the First Lady of the Commonwealth, reading to Bellevue’s Pre-K students

Pre-K registration for the 2016-2017 school year is in progress. You can register online at the RPS site (HERE) or call (804)319-3180 for more information. Kindergarten registration is April 14, 2016.

For more information or to tour Bellevue ES, please contact the School Counselor Anne Harris at (804)780-4417 or

The Bellevue News by Neely Dykshorn in the January issue of the Church Hill Association’s newsletter (pages 14-17) (PDF)has a great profile of the program and staff:

Ms. Martin, originally from Buffalo NY by way of Baltimore has been teaching for 17 years, the last dozen at Bellevue. VPI Plus is using a brand new curriculum called The Creative Curriculum for preschool – a play-based program.The students are RPS zoned, transportation is included and they have breakfast and lunch at the school.

“Instead of themes we participate in studies that last 8 weeks,” says Ms. Martin, “our study right now is clothes and we are looking at how they are made.”


The primary focus in the Pre-K program are the “Key Development Indicators” which describe the approaches to learning social, cognitive and physical development of children aged 21/2 to 5 years. “They are important because they make sense of the world,” says Mrs. Patterson.

The Bellevue News by Neely Dykshorn in the November 2015 issue of the Church Hill Association’s newsletter (pages 14-15) (PDF) profiles the Kindergarten team and curriculum:

Jaime Jackson is her second year teaching at Bellevue. Originally from New York, Ms. Jackson moved to Richmond from Dallas. She has taught grades K-8 in her wonderfully varied career including“private, public and charter schools,” she says. What Ms. Jackson loves about Kindergarten is the “smile on little people’s faces when they learn something new.” But what makes her class work is the glue they de- velop: “we started the year as 15 people and then come together as a family.”

Brand new to Bellevue is Ellen Eaton who comes to us af- ter seven years as an Educational Director at the Goddard School. Mrs. Eaton is all about hands-on learning. “Everything for my class is on the shelves in the room; nothing is packed away in the closet. We don’t do worksheets, we experience the SOLs with concrete materials and lots of opportunity for movement and play.”

Delois Vaughan is the veteran of our K group, she is in her 31st year of teaching and has been at Bellevue six years. She is usually the rst teacher in the building and almost the last to leave. Her classroom runs like a well-oiled ma- chine and often to the tune of Jazz music playing softly. Coolest part about Kindergarten? “Watching them grow,” says Ms. Vaughan, and her favorite part about the Bellevue way? “Myteam,” she says unhesitatingly,“if you have a good team you can do anything.”

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4 years ago

Our son is in Kindergarten and did Pre-K at Bellevue as well. He is convinced it is the best school in the world. The staff are caring and motivated and creative, so he really enjoys learning. His teachers (Ms S in pre-K and Mrs Eaton in K) are fantastic, and his resource teachers (music, library, PE, art, Spanish), are equally super. Become a part of Bellevue!

4 years ago

Definitely concur! My son has had two great years learning under Mrs. Patterson in VPI and now Mrs. Eaton in Kindergarten. God has blessed us with some loving, passionate and effective teachers and pray it continues through the next years at Bellevue. The school strives for a respectful atmosphere and students adhere to these standards. Truly shaping the lives of our future leaders right here. Keep it up Bellevue!

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