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Vera at Chimborazo Park (circa 1918)

From Weddings in Richmond Parks from Kitty Snow’s Richmond Views:

Richmond Views was created by Kitty Snow to share history, pictures and stories from Richmond, VA. Its companion site is Richmond In Sight’s RIS is non-profit and is dedicated to preserving and restoring the photography collection of Harris H. Stilson. He was a Richmond streetcar driver and prolific photographer whose pictures from the early 1900s offer a glimpse into the city’s past rarely captured on film. African Americans, Jewish immigrants, laborers, storekeepers…these are Harry Stilson’s subjects. His great-granddaughter, Kitty Snow, is a real estate broker who believes that Richmond deserves to know the Richmond Harry Stilson saw. Her love for our city has inspired thousands of hours of research, indexing, collecting of oral histories and more to identify and explain the Stilson collection and the Richmond he knew.


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