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Go ride one of the electric-assist bikes at Shift Bicycles

While Shift Bicycles’ grand opening isn’t until sometime next month, the new Shockoe bike shop is now open. The shop carries the everyday pumps, bottles, tubes and the like that any cyclist needs, but specializes in single and tandem bikes, and long-tail Xtracycle bikes with and without electric assist.

I stopped by yesterday just to peek in, and within 5 minutes shop owner Glenn Amey had me ready to roll on one of the Xtracycle demo bikes. I was riding the black one in the front of the photo above, and it felt like a glimpse into a really neat future.


Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 7.52.25 AM


The Bosch electric assist is a revelation. When it’s engaged, each stroke of the pedals is augmented and strengthened. The rider pedals the bike, but with magical legs. We road the bikes straight up the Broad Street hill from 21st at speed, while easily being able to have a conversation.

Amey says the bikes can haul 400 pounds, including the rider. A google image search for Xtracycle shows riders carrying kids, dogs, kegs, 2x4s, lawnmowers, kayaks, and other bikes.

If you’re curious at all, go visit Glenn on 18th Street and go for a ride.

Shift Bicycles
113 North 18th Street
(804) 309-0134 | Facebook | @shiftcargobikes

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Jacob C.

Was your bike stolen last night?

John M


Nick P 03/08/2016 at 3:06 PM

Looking at buying an ebike in the next couple months. Look forward to seeing Shift’s offerings.


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