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Have you signed up for Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is “a private social network for you, your neighbors and your community.” Think Facebook, but just for your neighborhood and some of the areas close by.

The free site seems to be a good way for neighbors within a few blocks of each other to communicate directly, like some of the area Facebook or Google groups, but with the added caveat that users have to confirm their address to participate and everyone has to use their real name. It seems like it would be a particularly good platform for the civic associations to use to share information.

The site offers the service to area neighborhoods, including Church Hill, Church Hill North, Union Hill Chimborazo, Fairmount, Mosby, Brauers, and Fulton.

To sign up, visit and enter your home address.


Eric S. Huffstutler 01/15/2016 at 1:03 PM

Yes, quite a few people including me. Right now there is a discussion about Dukes auto repair and why cars are still sitting and calls not being returned to customers? No activity happening and he has been known to disappear when sick. Just bad he doesn’t have someone return calls.

WarGibFA 01/15/2016 at 1:53 PM

Yup, it’s not a bad place to get feedback about local services.

crd 01/15/2016 at 9:08 PM

@4 not sure why you said that, but I just went on and expected to something real time about the street lights being out, and possibly something from the police as I thought it also involved them. Instead, I was what Eric said about Duke’s auto, which is fine but not really pertinent to the street light problem, to say nothing of a police response…..

Liz 01/16/2016 at 7:44 AM

@4 – maybe you could expand on your “it sucks” response. Not really helpful. I joined – sometimes the information is very pertinent and is different from what John posts here. Sometimes it’s not pertinent to me. It’s free, no demands. Just scroll if there’s something that doesn’t interest you.

AQ 01/16/2016 at 10:16 AM

I agree with #4.

Eric S. Huffstutler 01/16/2016 at 11:36 AM

I think the concept is a different sounding board for just Church Hill and neighbors who want to share without the negativity and anonymity this board has. Or things not important enough for John to post here. As far as my comments on Dukes on Nextdoor, it was under that thread and not about street lights.

Guilty Mom 01/19/2016 at 8:56 AM

I don’t like the way it pesters me when someone invites me to join; I’m already on there and there is no way, that I have found, to say “Back off, already on there”.

That being said, it’s nothing terribly important on there, just another avenue of finding out what’s good in the hood


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