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Say hi to The Dogtown Dish

The Dogtown Dish, a new community blog for Manchester, popped up over the holiday season. With sections for news and events, and a directory of area restaurants, breweries, apartments, and businesses, Michael Hild’s new independent site should be a useful resource for anyone who lives, works, or plays in the Manchester area.

Got something to share? Send it in or add it to their calendar.

From their ABOUT page:

The Dogtown Dish is dedicated to serving up the latest news on Richmond, Virginia’s historic Manchester neighborhood.

Why Dogtown you ask? Well Richmond’s Manchester neighborhood was once referred to as Dogtown. In an 1887 Richmond Times newspaper article Benjamin Weisiger wrote that there have been a lot of theories but the most common explanation by old-timers refers to the large number of dogs in Manchester: “Everybody had a dog.” The late Major John Wright said that the name originated among students at old John Marshall High School just before World War I, when the school received an influx of Manchester students after consolidation. Wright felt that it was not intended as a compliment but the term has stuck to the area.

The Dogtown Dish
“MANchester’S Best Friend. Serving Up Manchester RVA News.” | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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