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PROFILE: Jean McDaniel

The fresh-on-the-stands issue of Richmond Magazine looks at “Hidden Richmond”, and has love for The Dog & Pig Show and the neighborhood fairy gardens. Tina Griego’s always awesome Sunday Story this week is a follow-up to this issue, and has a deeper profile of Jean McDaniel, her birds, and her fairy village on Grace Street:

It must be said that Secret No. 8 is no secret if you live in Church Hill, because the woman behind it “does not do subtle.” Her name is Jean McDaniel. There is some poignancy to this story, but that doesn’t come from Jean, either. She’s a no-nonsense type. You might call her a tough broad. She has her soft spots and her sharp edges. Her longtime friend Betty Hull says, “She is just really authentic. She’s a very unique person … If Jean is your friend, she is your friend forever — and you don’t want her as your enemy.”

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