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You get a Tree, and You get a Tree, and Trees for Everyone!!

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Erin Wall

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Alicia 'Vyborny' Svensen
Alicia 'Vyborny' Svensen

The trees on 29th between grace and Franklin look like this too 🙁


I wonder how many of you complaining about the tree pruning would be the first ones on CHPN complaining about the power being out after a wind/ice storm?

You don’t let the city take the trees down and replace them with short, appropriately sized versions, so this is what you get.

Eric S. Huffstutler
Eric S. Huffstutler

@2 neighbor… you can see that this tree pruning has taken place over many years, nothing done overnight or even within the past couple of years. It is a wonder that they don’t split in half with such weight on either side of a void? There are huge trees on and surrounding our property on N 27th but the power lines run “through” them with padding and nothing was pruned out of them to make a giant slingshot so, why weren’t these done the same way? I hate to see 100-200 year old trees cut down but at some point… Read more »


On subject of tree replacement: Richmond Tree Stewards had a lovely free-of-charge program this year, which allowed Richmond residents to request trees (and these were well-established, 6-foot-tall buggers!) to plant in the community. Tree Stewards also secured necessary permits for you to plant them in tree wells on city property. All one had to do to participate is to commit to commit to watering them for 2 years. As a result, a couple of tree wells off of 21st and Main got brand new residents in them. Sometimes, it’s up to individuals to make change happen. I hope Community Roots… Read more »