I’m not so sure about these new roundabouts

11/19/2015 5:40 AM by

I’m a huge fan of the roundabouts at 25th/M Street and 25th/Nine Mile/Fairmount. As a driver, pedestrian, and cyclist, I’m comfortable at these intersections. The roundabouts seem intuitive to most folks, and are an obvious upgrade on the traffic lights that used to be in place.

With that said, I’m not so sure about the work on Jefferson Avenue.

There are three new traffic diverting circles under construction on Jefferson Avenue. There are 2 smaller ones at the intersections with 23rd and 24th Streets, and a larger one at the 5-way intersection by Alamo BBQ.

The big circle is the one that raises the most concern for me, but the small one at 24th has issues, too.

The detail that makes the circles by The Roosevelt and the Family Dollar really work are the lane dividers approaching the circles. There is a physical indicator to the driver where they are supposed to be go. The dividers also serve as islands for pedestrians.

The new work relies on lots of stripy paint and DO NOT ENTER signs. This leaves a lot of room for driver confusion, doesn’t do anything for pedestrians, and kind of looks terrible.

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