Church Hill Association meets Tuesday, will vote on Cary and Pear development

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The Church Hill Association meets Tuesday, October 20th, at 7:00 PM at the at the St. John’s Church Parish Hall. The agenda below includes several votes to be taken.

Membership Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome & Announcements (Holiday Events & Transportation)- Tom Wild
  2. Approval of the Sept Membership Meeting Minutes
  3. Presentations for membership: Crime Report, Lt Jeremy Sayles
  4. Vote to be taken (Bill Dinkin) Cary Street Project

    The CHA board is recommending to the membership a resolution to approve the proposed plan for 2723 Cary Street. The Church Hill Association Board met on Tuesday September 3 and, among other business, considered the request for support of the proposed development at 2723 E. Cary Street. After deliberation, the Board voted to give its qualified support of the project, subject to the Special Use Permit application and any subsequent amendments being in material conformance with the proposal that has been provided to CHA in writing on May 24, 2015 and on September 15, 2015. Connect to our website and the 2723 E. Cary Street Proposal at:

  5. Vote to be taken: Special Use Permit submitted by Church Hill Association member Sharon Wayne to convert her rehabilitated carriage house into a one bedroom apartment. The address is 3508 E. Broad Street. Neighbor signatures of support have been obtained.
  6. Vote to be taken: 501C3 additional By- Law changes

    The board is working on a new version of the by-laws necessary to meet the 501c3 requirements. A few recommendations that have been made outside of these requirements are recommended here for the membership’s approval:

    A. Adding a new board position of assistant secretary (decreasing an at large director by one);

    B. Adding authority of the immediate past president to vote in Board meetings;

    C. Beginning in 2016 allowing the re-election of officers for up to three terms;

    D. Removing restrictions on selecting and funding community projects to which Association monies or volunteers will be committed (last portion of Art. VII, para. 2 of current by-laws) and substituting it with the inclusion of:

    “The Board shall implement those policies and activities approved by the membership, as evidenced by a resolution duly moved, seconded and passed at a membership meeting.”

    E. Deleting the statement, “ that community project and capital funds over $1,000 be completed in writing and submitted to the Board prior to approval of the budget”. (Art. IX, para. 7 of current by-laws) and substituting it with:

    “All requests for community projects and capital funds must be submitted in writing to the Development and Community Outreach Committee. The Development and Community Outreach Committee shall create written guidelines for the application and grant process to fund community activities consistent with the Association’s purpose and mission. The Development Committee will present their recommendations to the membership for approval.”

  7. Treasurer’s Reports- Trish Bernal

    Vote to be taken on: 2016 Budget & Assumptions (as distributed via Sept. newsletter and Sept. Membership meeting

    Flag sales- Trish Bernal

  8. Bike Race- Genni Sasnett
  9. Status of Nominations
  10. New Business




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