A curious incident on Broad Street

10/08/2015 3:05 PM by

From Melissa:

We’ve been having bad siding boards replaced on our home’s exterior for the past few weeks. Today something strange happened and I am curious to know if anyone else in CH or the City has experienced something similar.

A young man in casual clothes (and horned rim eyeglasses) rode up on his bike. He was carrying a camera bag. He got off the bike and proceeded to take pictures of our house and only our house. He was also writing notes on some paperwork he was carrying.

My contractor saw this and notified me so I went outside and asked the guy if I could help him with something. He said “no” and told me I had a nice house. He took a few more pictures and biked off. My contractor said he was able to read something like “Present Condition Report” on the guy’s paperwork.

Wondered if anyone has any ideas what this was about? The house hasn’t been sold/purchased in almost 15 years, so this couldn’t be about a comp for a real estate appraisal. Maybe CAR or the City was concerned about our repainting the exterior?




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