Thank You for a GREAT weekend

09/27/2015 8:29 PM by

The UCI is saying that more than 645,000 spectators came to the race course over 10 days, and it seems like a good half of them might’ve been somewhere between between 23rd and Libby Hill.

The Worlds was a smooth event, I didn’t see anyone angry or even frustrated. The relaxed ABC and parking enforcement was a friendly touch, it felt good to be New Orleans for a weekend. Folks from out of town and folks from across town got a “best of” experience in Church Hill this weekend.

I have never been more stoked or proud to a resident of Richmond, of Church Hill.

A week ago a lot of people were excited about the coming races, some were anxious, but I don’t think any of us expected how wonderful this past weekend would end up being around Church Hill. There are a ton of people who deserve a proper THANK YOU for this great couple of days, including:

  • the neighbors who decorated their porches and tree wells
  • the folks who made sure not a piece of litter was left,
  • that the mail was delivered every day,
  • those who passed out visitors guides to the neighborhood,
  • who ensured the safety of our city, and
  • those who worked every day to feed our visitors and welcome them to the neighborhood.

Who am I missing? Share it below!




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