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Put your old recycling bin to good use!

Got your fancy new recycling bin yet? Rick Tatnall is collecting the older, smaller recycling bins to support recycling in East End schools:

There is a sign and a small group of recycling bins outside the Clay Street Market @ 30th and East Clay Streets. I am happy to come and pick up containers if people want – email me at Containers will be distributed to East End RPS schools, starting at MLK Middle.

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Kiet Vo
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Dashawna Wright
Dashawna Wright
4 years ago

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Tina Bujno
Tina Bujno
4 years ago

Tina Bujno liked this on Facebook.

4 years ago

I am probably too late to be seen on this one, but I believe (reinforced by this photo) that a number of people in the neighborhood could use a PSA that recycling is now being picked up at the alley as trash is. A number of folks around us have these new supercans sitting out in front of their houses, which is quite lovely of course.

Erin Kristen Doolin
Erin Kristen Doolin
4 years ago

My garbage doesn’t get picked up in an alley. Both my cans are out front just like most of my neighbors, unfortunately.

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