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MLK Middle School awarded LEED Silver certification

A press-release from BCWH shares the word that the recently re-built Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School has been awarded LEED Silver certification through the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED for Schools rating system:

Richmond Public Schools partnered with BCWH on additions and renovations to the existing middle school which accommodates 800 students as part of the Building the Best Richmond Capital Improvement Program. BCWH’s progressive and high-performance design replaced the aging school, built in 1964, that was determined not cost-effective to renovate following a comprehensive facilities study.

New program spaces, including three academic houses, dining facilities, media center, full-size gymnasium, interior courtyards, and associated administration spaces, wrap around the upgraded auditorium space preserved from the existing school.

“Design that promotes good indoor air quality, provides natural lighting in occupied spaces and minimizes the affects of the building to the environment are features that made this a successful project,” says Roger Richardson, Principal for the project with BCWH.

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School was designed to provide the best quality interior building environment that supports teaching and learning and promotes the health and wellness of the students and faculty while meeting the project certification goals. Notable sustainability features include high performance heating and cooling systems, energy efficient lighting and equipment, water conservation, day-lighting, indoor air quality, and storm water management.




Scott 07/28/2015 at 11:51 PM

Cool. Glad to see green building in our schools. Now, how about some solar….

formerlibbyhillresident 07/29/2015 at 2:49 PM

LEED is one of the biggest scams ever foisted upon the populace. I can’t tell you how many LEED buildings I have worked in the have had parts of it torn out as the “green components” didn’t work or last. My favorite, to get LEED points, was solar shading on the north side of a building so it could get a platinum rating.


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