Church Hill Association meets Tuesday at St. John’s Church Parish Hall

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The next Church Hill Association membership meeting will be this Tuesday July 21 at 7:00 PM at the St. John’s Church Parish Hall.

The draft agenda:

  • Welcome & President’s Remarks
  • Introduction of new members & guests
  • Presentation: Police Report: Lt. Jeremy Sayles
  • Presentation: John G. Walsh, Operations Manager, Code Enforcement Division (Planning Dept.) the new enforcement strategies for code violations and the sale of properties that should be of interest to many.
  • Presentation: Developers David Johannas and Jerry Peters have presented to the Zoning Committee a new condo development project for Pear Street (west side of street).

    Note: No vote on this project will take place by the membership until (1) there is a thorough review and recommendation by the Zoning Committee to the Board; and (2) consideration of the project by the Board.

  • Announcement: Church Hill Flag
  • Announcement: August CHA picnic at 2617 E. Franklin St/ music by the Richmond Rounders
  • Approval of the May Membership Minutes
  • Race Committee Report: Request to the membership to approve $1000 for Race Committee welcoming materials (see below) – Genni Sasnett
  • Treasurer’s Report – Trish Bernal
  • Membership Report – Amy Been
  • Zoning Committee’s Report- Bill Dinkin
  • Transportation Committee’s Report – Tom Wilds
  • New Business
  • Adjournment

— ∮∮∮ —

CHA/UCI World’s Welcoming Committee Request for Support 6/2/15

The committee is planning the following activities in support of the races when they come through Church Hill on the key race days, September 24-27, 2015:

  1. Establish and man information booths at 27th and Franklin Sts, 23rd and Grace Sts, in the parking lot of the Fresh Market grocery store and at the Chimborazo Playground on 29th St.;
  2. Support “roaming concierges” that will provide information to visitors in specific areas along the race route on Church Hill;
  3. Provide maps with local attractions and businesses highlighted on them;
  4. Sponsor a neighborhood clean-up the weekend before the races;
  5. Place streamers on the gaslight poles along the race route and perhaps beyond to ‘decorate” the neighborhood and;
  6. Produce a video about Church Hill to share with TV outlets as “filler” during broadcasts.

In order to do these activities we are requesting the following support from CHA:
$200 signs
$200 printing
$150 graphic design
$200 permits
$250 T- Shirts
$1,000. Total

Any left-over funds would be returned to the CHA

Respectfully submitted,

Genni Sasnett, CHA Race Committee Chair

IMAGE: St. John’s Church by C.W.Smith



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