Civic groups in the East End (UPDATE)

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The city’s Planning and Development Review has what seems to be an accurate list of civic groups in the city. If you’re not already familiar, check out the group for your area and get involved.

From the city page:

The contact information provided is supplied by the civic groups themselves and should not be considered a comprehensive list of all active civic groups within the city. To obtain information related to meeting dates, times and locations of a particular group, please contact that group directly. If you are not sure which group represents your neighborhood, you can find it using the ‘Search by Property Address’ or ‘Search by Property Name’ functions on the Property Search page of the City Assessor’s website.

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Admiral Gravely Homeowners Association
Angela Roane
905 Old Denny Street
Richmond, VA 23231-1306
(804) 226-4175

Church Hill Association
Thomas Wilds, President
P.O. Box 8031
Richmond, VA 23223-0031
(804) 647-3140

Church Hill Central Civic Association
914 North 26th Street
Richmond, VA 23223-6552
(804) 787-3056!forum/church-hill-central

Creighton Court Tenants Council
Marilyn Olds, President
2100 Creighton Road, Unit B
Richmond, VA 23223-4642
(804) 780-0498

Eastview Civic League
1903 Chelsea Street
Richmond, VA 23223-3701

Fairfield Court Tenants Council
Delores Robinson, President
2506 Phaup Street
Richmond, VA 23223-4115
(804) 782-0906
(804) 780-4873

Friends of Chimborazo Park
John Clay

Friends of Jefferson Park
Bill Conkle

Friends of Libby Hill Park
Marion Macdonald

Greater Fulton Hill Civic Association
Kara Zinchuck
P.O. Box 38112
Richmond, VA 23221-0912
(804) 617-6979

Mosby Court Tenants Council
Patricia Williford, President
1973 Accommodation Street
Richmond, VA 23223-4250
(804) 225-0147
(804) 780-4901

New Visions Civic League of East End
Mary W. Thompson
1101 North 22nd Street
Richmond, VA 23223-5123
(804) 648-7915

Shockoe Partnership
Brian White
1555 East Main Street
Richmond, VA 23219-3633
(804) 237-8242

Union Hill Civic Association

Unity Civic League
William Anderson
1525 North 23rd Street
Richmond, VA 23223-5161
(804) 643-9353

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