Laundry Love

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Laundry Love is neat event going on today at the Richmond Coin Laundry at 25th and Nine Mile.

Melanie Mullen from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church explains:

A couple of years ago some West Coast priests started “adopting” laundry facilities. There’s a small movement spreading of people who just want to be better community members (not proselytizers or “community development experts”). The thought is that just hanging out in places where people can share their lives is the path towards true community life.

So, in my role as the “city involvement” priest, I have St. Paul’s Episcopal underwrite the costs of Laundry Love in Richmond. It’s a great time to help folks who don’t live near the East End learn how to just BE PRESENT… but more importantly, Laudry Love Saturdays are the best mutual story telling hour in town.

It takes a long time to do a load of laundry – so we sit and talk to each other. Our Laundry volunteers are some church folks, some young adults in the neighborhood, some times just curious people. But they get to sow seeds of relationship — that aren’t about “charity” and fixing other people. We all get to be together and share some love.

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