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New corner store coming to Venable and Mosby

Apparently named GROCERY STORE EXPRESS DELI, a new corner store is coming to the intersection of Mosby and Venable Street. Word has it that the new store will open on Monday. There does not appear to be an ABC application on file for the store.

Once the home of Big John’s Grill, the location was most recently occupied by the inexplicably named Five Corners Mini Mart, which apparently struggled after being unable to get an ABC license.


Big John's Grill (June 18, 2006 via 100wordminimum)
Big John’s Grill (June 18, 2006 via 100wordminimum)

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5 years ago

Another place to buy cigarettes, lottery tickets, and junk food? Yeah, that’s just what the neighborhood needs.

5 years ago

If the owners of this establishment provide this community a clean, well stocked, non pandering commitment to our community I, personally, would support an ABC license for them, at some later date, but not initially. ABC Board should reconsider how licenses are issued. Let the store owners initially open without license.These type (convenience) businesses should earn the right from their prospective community to sell alcohol. Mosby Mart is a despicable, dilapidated, with occasional drug dealing in it’s rear, terrible place. It serves no meaningful purpose to this community unless you consider “hanging out”, drug dealing, illegal cigarette sale, meaningful. We… Read more »

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