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“It’s all very good” at The Dog and Pig Show

Elliott Shaffner reviews The Dog & Pig Show for Style this week:

My kingdom for a table to truly savor the shrimp and grits ($12) composed of rich, lavishly bacon-buttered cheese grits with kimchi, fresh herbs and roe. Again, the shrimp are impeccable — and they travel surprisingly well. Because it’s de rigeur these days, there are steak, bacon, chicken and pimiento cheese options ($7-$8) within the other iterations of the grits dishes. And you always can add a six-minute egg to the mix. I tell you what, that egg is perfect every time. And like the shrimp, that egg maintains its composure for the long haul. It will even stay perfect for leftovers the next day. And with these portions, you’ll always have leftovers.


The Dog and Pig Show
314 North 25th Street | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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