Richmond 2030 will have 852,159 more people

04/10/2015 8:26 AM by

Where Will U.S. Population Growth Occur? A Glimpse at 2020 and 2030 predicts that the Richmond metro area will grow by 852,159 between now and 2030:

Figure [2020 and 2030 Population-Table 2] reveals that Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Dallas, MSAs lead the pack in our 2030 population growth forecasts (versus 2013) on an absolute level, while Walla Walla, WA; Hinesville, GA; and Carson City, WV, show the strongest percentage growth through 2030. Combined, the top 10 percentage growth markets are expected to add only 1.5 million new people through 2030, while the top 10 absolute growth markets will increase in population by 13.5 million on an aggregate basis through 2030.

Of those, Richmond (68.4%), Atlanta (45.6%), and San Antonio (36%) have the highest projected percentage growth over the 17-year period. The aggregate sample population (212.6 million) in our statistical analysis represents about 67.3% of the total 2013 population of 316.1 million. We project that the sample urban population will experience a net increase of 61.5 million people, or about 29%, by 2030.

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