Missing a rabbit?

02/03/2015 5:19 PM by

From Rick, just now:

When I got home today a big, friendly bunny rabbit was hopping around and hanging out with my cats. It allowed me to pet it and it seems like it is well cared for. Sorry, I don’t have a picture, but it is brown and black with black ears and some interesting markings on its backside. My neighbor said it had been around for about an hour or so. I just went back outside and don’t see it, but I am sure it is close by. I live at 30th and Clay and it was last seen in the alley between 29th and 30th running from Clay to Leigh.

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From Kyle, a few days ago:

On a run tonight I saw a beautiful rabbit around 29th and Clay. It looked too pretty and exotic looking to be local native fauna. Bigger than any rabbit I’ve seen in Virginia and a shiny gray/brown coat. I chased after it thinking it must be someone’s pet. Unsurprisingly, the thing was darn quick and my legs were tired after a few miles of jogging.

So after a few Elmer Fudd-worthy attempts I just knocked on some doors. No one on the street knew anything, so I thought I’d reach out to CHPN.

Maybe this helps someone find their lost pet; maybe I’m crazy and hallucinating on an endorphin high. Who knows?

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PHOTO via Aimee Sanford




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