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On neighborhood restaurants, community impact, and the attention they bring to Richmond

Style’s Brandon Fox traces the the lineage from the Hill Cafe to Alamo BBQ through to the recent explosion of restaurants and bakeries in the area in a look at the city-wide impact of Richmond’s newly attention-getting food scene:

Richmond and its dining scene reached an apex in 2014, hitting the radar of national publications.

The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema arrived for a visit to find restaurants here to be “surprising, seasonal, sophisticated.” The New York Times toured Church Hill.

CNN called Richmond one of seven up-and-coming foodie destinations, and Saveur magazine published a where-to-eat guide to Richmond on its website and included Sally Bell’s Kitchen in its annual Top 100 best food, drinks and restaurants list.

Food and Wine magazine fell in love with Dutch & Co., Esquire named Rappahannock as one of the country’s best restaurants, and Sub Rosa was lauded in that magazine as well. The Roosevelt’s Gregory was a second-time semifinalist in the James Beard awards, and StarChefs named Gregory, Jason Alley, Phil Perrow, Caleb Shriver and Joe Sparrata as rising stars.


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Union Hillian 01/06/2015 at 10:07 PM

…And don’t forget Hispania Bakery!

Corey Lane 01/07/2015 at 9:54 AM

I posted this on the Style article but wanted to clarify with you folks also (since I’m sure a number of you were donors!): the Sub Rosa campaign raised $16,001–which, yes, is “more than $5,000” as the article says–but I wanted to be clear that it all went to Evin and Evrim! Indiegogo and PayPal took a little bit in transaction fees, but we still cut Sub Rosa a check for WELL over $15k.


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