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Sector 113 report for October

Lt.Blackwell’s Sector 113 report for October (PDF) is now available for all points north of Carrington and Nine Mile.

Buried in the numbers is the simple fact that violent crime is way down in the sector for the quarter and the year. Through the 1st 10+ months of 2014, Sector 113 has had only 1 homicide.

January 1, 2014 –September 29, 2014

Violent Crime (2014 compared to 2013)
2013: 127
2014: 99
Result: 22% Decrease

Property Crime: (2014 compared to 2013)
2013: 328
2014: 361
Result: 10% Increase

TOTAL CRIME MAJOR CRIME (2014 compared to 2013)
2013: 455
2014: 460
Result: 1% Increase

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