A technical look at tackling RRHA’s roach infestation

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A fascinating look at tackling RRHA’s roach problems from Pest Control Technology:

Wanting to find apartment complexes that were very infested, Miller and her team hit the jackpot with the RRHA.

“We found the largest, most spectacular infestations I have seen in my career. There are sanitation problems, water issues, clutter and the cockroaches have a lot of access to food. The cockroach populations were flourishing and the infestations have been there for a long time,” says Miller. “We found cockroaches everywhere — in the storage units, living in a deck of cards, on walls, in the sink in the cooking oil.”

Currently, one facility at this location is under contract for five years, with Richmond paying $2,478 for quarterly treatments. They are treating 458 units working eight hours a day per week.

“If the math is correct, that means $6 a door, but the RRHA doesn’t figure it out that way, they chose the low bid,” Miller says. “I met the owner of this company and found out they are using only one technician. That means this technician is checking 92 units per day, 12 units every hour and spending 5 minutes per unit — including walking in between units, opening doors, taking breaks, etc. Under this scenario the technician doesn’t have enough time to control the infestation. He can put bait out, step on a few but that’s about all. The technician does not have enough time to put out enough bait at $6 per door.”

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