Do you want a kitten?

07/08/2014 1:57 PM by

Alli has your new kitten:

So now I’m hawking kittens. Always something I guess.

These healthy baby girls were born in my mom’s garage down in Norfolk after a pregnant feral cat found her way there. My mom and their mom took great care of them for 8 weeks and then we brought them here two weeks ago to get them used to people and dogs – and endless kisses:) – and to get them shots and spayed – from which they’re recovering quite nicely. Thank you Dr. Jack and her folks down at the clinic!

They are wonderful things – playful and responsive, smart and inventive. And you know I’m really a dog person, so if I like these girls, cat folks will flip for them. We would like to keep them, or at least a couple of them, but our pups – while tolerating them and enjoying all the kitten food they can steal – are not keen on them being here much longer.

So we’re looking for good homes for them and would prefer they be adopted in pairs – better for everyone I think. So please think hard about who you know who would be delighted to enjoy living with these angels and send them my way – and come see them in person if you like. I have very flexible visitors’ hours.

Sooner really is better in this case.




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