Still trying to figure out how the comments should work here after almost 10 years…

06/25/2014 9:54 PM by

In a time of relative peace and tranquility, I’ve taken the step of updating the site Use Policy. The new language is this:

Abusive comments will not be allowed. Do not be a bully. Do not call people names. Do not be a dick. Don’t be mean. You really don’t have to make the same point over and over and over again. How many ways can I say this? Simply put: even though this is online, please remember that the people you are addressing are your neighbors.

My goal here is to have an online community where everyone feels free to share, without the conversation being dominated by the loudest, the most angry, or the obsessed.

If you have doubt, take it down a notch or two.

If there is a comment that you feel violates this policy, please contact me.





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